Simple Bookshelves to Liven Your Living Room
I have been wanting to install bookshelves in my living room for months now. Both my husband and I have hundreds of books (EEK!) and are very attached to most of them. We had a set of bookcases (see photo below) that we had been using, but the look was a little too “dorm room.” We wanted a more sophisticated look, and decided to hang separate, freestanding shelves. Unstained Wood Brightened Up the Room Sunlight is my absolute favorite. I don’t care how small a space is, if a room has lots of natural light, I’m in love. Luckily, our living room gets a lot of it! I wanted our shelves to help reflect and enhance all of the light, so Taylor and I went to Home Depot and had fresh, unstained pine cut to size. We bought white shelf brackets with coverings to match. Everything together cost only $122.00. We hung the shelves the same day we bought them because I was so eager to get them up and have the room feel complete. In the photo of the bare shelves, you’ll see a can of beans. That was our “level.” (Taylor and I aren’t the most handy people and don’t own a proper level, but the can worked just fine. Ha!) The shelves were pretty simple to hang, and we made sure they were all 11″ apart. Designing the Shelves Once all six shelves were up, then came the fun part. I began to arrange our library of books. Taylor is an actor and owns several copies of different plays. I organized them by color and they make for a decorative rainbow on the top shelf. We stacked some books vertically and topped with them with framed photos or important keepsakes. On top of one stack, I set the place cards from our wedding dinner. I arranged several plants on different shelves to serve as not only decor but bookends. All of my language books are together, placed in order of height to create a nice line. We placed our records and amplifier underneath and it adds a nice edgy touch to the entire display. We are so happy with our end result!