DIY: An Easy Way to Give That Old Bookshelf New Life
Happy Saturday everyone! Here we are again, in my sister Laura’s room because she is so incredible with interior design and DIY. Today, I’m sharing how she transformed an old Bed, Bath & Beyond particle board bookcase into a midcentury modern faux credenza. When she was looking to give her room a makeover, she started researching high-end credenzas and shelves to buy. But everything she found was too expensive, too heavy, and too bulky. She wasn’t ready to make that sort of commitment to a piece of furniture, so she decided to refurbish what she already had: an old bookshelf she bought back in 2011. 1) Start Sanding First she sanded the bookshelf to remove the black, laminate outer coating on the particle board. If she had painted directly on that, the new paint would have cause bubbling and slid right off. 2) Paint It a New, Fresh Color Once it was all sanded, she painted the bookshelf a crisp white to brighten it up. Make sure you use a solvent-based primer first, then finish with latex, oil, or lacquer paint. Anything water-based will cause the particle board to swell. 3) Attach Modern Legs She bought four 16″ hair pin legs on Amazon for $25.99. She turned the shelf on its side and using the two shelf inserts, put them on the bottom as braces for the legs. Particle board will break if you screw into it too tightly, so the braces were for extra reinforcement. It turned out beautifully and makes for a lightweight, inexpensive midcentury modern piece! It’s a fun, chic way to reuse an old bookshelf when you’re not ready to invest in something more substantial. Have an old bookshelf you’re planning to refurbish? Share the result by tagging me on Instagram,Facebook, or Twitter!