No Joke As 'Cancel Brexit' Petition Set For Debate On April Fools' Day | Hot Digital Online
A petition asking the British government to revoke article 50 and reconsider its plan to leave the European Union is to be debated in parliament on 1 April. The call to put the brakes on the UK's exit from the EU had gathered more than 5 million signatures by Thursday as Brexit talks remained in deadlock. With fears of a "no-deal Brexit" looming large, and the government's back increasingly against the wall, anti-Brexit protesters have gone online to vent their frustration at the chaotic process. As of 3 pm (GMT) on Thursday, 5.9 million people had signed the petition, making it the most popular to have been submitted to the parliament website. The petition calling for a people's vote continued to grow as Prime minister Theresa May sought fresh approval from MPs for her withdrawal agreement. The debate to take place on Friday, however, is unlikely to be a political declaration on the way the future EU-UK relationship will work, leading to criticism from the Labour party that it would