We Clean NJ Restaurants From Top To Bottom | Best House Cleaning Company In New Jersey
Hortensia Cleaning Service Performs The Following Services For Restaurant Cleaning: KITCHENS - (All Areas Sanitized) Ceiling - Hanging pipes & lights. Walls - Ceramic walls, grout, shelves & fixture cleaning. Equipment Cleaning - (Cleaned, brushed, & polished)- Stainless Steel (Cleaned & polished).- Fryers- Grills- Ovens - Coolers & Ice Machines (emptied, washed & sanitized).- Walk in Freezers & Refrigerators (floors scrubbed, walls & shelves cleaned). Clean Grease Traps & Floor Drains Tables, Sinks, Prep Stations & Faucets -- All areas washed & sanitized.- Stainless polished.- All pipes and fixtures underneath cleaned. Floors - Rotary machine, brush & chemicals designed especially for kitchen areas,edges and corners cleaned by hand. Trash Bins - Emptied, cleaned & sanitized. Storage Areas - Shelving & floors cleaned. HOOD & EXHAUST CLEANING Clean & Polish Interior & Exterior of kitchen hoods Removal,