Haruki Murakami to donate personal archives (and jazz records?) to Waseda
Appearing at a press conference for the first time in 37 years (by his own account), the reclusive author Haruki Murakami announced on Nov. 4 that he will donate his personal archive to Waseda University, his alma mater, in Tokyo. The archive not only will include his manuscripts, book collection, and international editions of his writing, but also his 20,000 plus record album collections. Waseda plans to set up Murakami Library, an international research institute with the archive. "There is no greater pleasure if they can be of use to people who would like to study my body of works," Murakami said. He also mentioned that he is preparing to set up a scholarship for literary scholars. Possible archival materials include his debut novel Norwegian Woods, written on the pages of a notebook. The University will start accepting archival materials next year as Murakami made a public promise to be personally involved in the development.