Audiobooks in August | Hollieblog
So I’ve started listening to audiobooks. A sentence I thought I would never say, I am listening to audiobooks so quickly that I can’t keep up with reviewing. So, at the end of every month I’ll be doing mini-reviews of all the audiobooks I’ve listened to in the last four weeks! One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva☆☆☆☆ This book was really sweet, and also a really interest insight into Armenian history. Which was actually horrifying and never really discussed in school. This isn’t the main plot of the story, but as the protagonist is Armenian-American, it’s still a poignant part of the story. I really liked Alek and Ethan’s relationship. I’ve heard the a lot of readers weren’t fans of Ethan, but I always say to myself ‘Hey, they’re teens. Teens say and do silly stuff’. And so sometimes teen characters may seem unlikable, but at least that portrayal is realistic! Publisher: Macmillan Audio Where I End & You Begin by Preston Norton☆☆☆☆ .5 This audiobook was loooong. Which is strange since the physical book is only 320 pages. I always have audiobooks between 1.2 and 1.5 speed too, and it still took me about 13 hours. However, this book needed it, because it was deep. So much happened that I think some of the plots were left to the wayside in favour of others. Which is a shame, because I cared more about the plot lines that didn’t get enough ‘page time’. But to be honest, I still really enjoyed this book, and the one narrator did a great job of doing the four voices of the main characters! Publisher: Disney-Hyerion Honestly Ben by Bill Konigsberg☆☆☆ I don’t what to say about this book. I really enjoyed its predecessor, Openly Straight, but I feel like Honestly Ben just can’t make up its mind as to what its message is. Granted, not every story has to have a message, but Honestly Ben so clearly wants one that it ends up half-assing about 3 instead of full-assing one. Honestly Ben is all about that ‘Gay For You’ trope which, while I’m sure exists for many, it’s still not great to allude to it being a better alternative to bisexuality. Publisher: Scholastic GOODREADS | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | BLOG | BLOGLOVIN’