Nanowrimo Week Three (16-23) | Hollieblog
AND WHAT A WEEK IT HAS BEEN. Welcome to the third week of Nanowrimo, where things have gone a little bit pear shaped. So by 19th November, I wanted to have completely finished Nano. Because on the 20th, I was starting work experience. Well, it’s a week later, I’m half way through the work experience, and I haven’t written a single thing. Just look at that straight line of bars. No progress whatsoever. Commuting to London is hard, finding the time to write when I’m on a packed train, then in an office, then back on a packed train, then tired and hungry and going to bed ready for the next day. If you have a long commute, work 9-5, Monday to Friday, and still find the time to write, then you’re a bit of a hero, actually a lot of a hero. I salute you! This weekend, I plan on finishing. I’ve got under 3000 words left to write and two full days to do it. I CAN DO THIS. This is my musical inspiration for the weekend, which has nothing to do with my story but it actually goes with everything and I love it. Songs, regardless of whether they fit your story or not, are an excellent way to dig for inspiration. I listen to it when I’m lacking creativity and when I’m bursting with it. If you’re new to writing and don’t know how to get in the zone, start a playlist and add to it as you go along. The songs I’ve discovered because I’ve been trawling through Spotify have been immensely helpful! Roll on 50,000! Goodreads | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr Other Posts You Might Enjoy