How to hand sew thick leather | High on Glue
Prerequisite: How to thread your needles for hand-sewing Things you'll need: Basic: To start out, you'll need your leather pieces (whatever project you're working on or maybe just some scrap to practice on), a , , , 2 Needles, and any kind of scissors. Note: I'm using a in the photos. You won't need one to start with or if you only do a few projects but it helps to hold your leather in place while sewing. Even more basic: If you're only sewing one project and you don't want to buy too many tools, you could start out with only a , 2 Needles, and scissors. To get even stitches, you would have to make sure that you mark each stitch by hand (using a ruler or something similar). It's very important to have even stitching with a constant distance to the edge as well as constant stitch length. Let's get started: