Daily Reflection: Monday of the Last Week
Today's Reading: Isaiah 65:17-25 Today's Reading: Daniel 5:1-30; Revelation 21:9-27 For behold, I am creating a new heaven and a new earth, and you will not remember the former things. It shall not even be upon your heart. Therefore rejoice and be glad forever and ever in what I am creating. For behold, I am creating Jerusalem to be a joy and My people to be a delight. (Isaiah 65:17-18) In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. People do bad things, evil things. They hurt others and you. You do bad things. Sure, you’re not as bad as you could be, but you’re certainly not as good as you should be. You sin against others and they sin against you. Besides all that, people get sick and die, even people you love. And what’s worse, someday you will, too! Things right now aren’t good. We can sort of ignore the bad if we’ve got enough stuff, if we’re pretty good people, or we’re surrounded by good people. But if we stop to think about the world, what we do to each other, and how sickness, disease, and death are everywhere, well, there’s not much reason to rejoice, at all. But the Lord Jesus will make all things new. He already has! He rose from the dead! He died for all our curses, all our hurts, all our sins, all our doubts, all our death! He bore all of that into Himself. He died that those things—all your enemies—would die in Him. He died in your place that you might live. He came back to bring life and eternal life to light. Jesus now lives and reigns forever and ever, and you’ll live forever, too. You have to live forever. You’re in on what Jesus did for you. You’re baptized into His cross, death, and empty tomb. He puts His Word your ears, your heart, your mind. There His Spirit works within you both to desire and to do all that His Word gives. He delivers you His crucified and raised Body and Blood. He’ll resurrect you on the Last Day. The pains of this life are great. There’s sin, and people get hurt, get sick, and die—you and those around you. But all that will be undone. In fact, it’s already undone because Jesus rose. What He did is yours now and will be forever. When that day comes, you won’t remember any of the hurt as you stand forever and ever, face to face with Jesus who was crucified and raised for you. In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. –Rev. Aaron Fenker City of God, Easter forever, Golden Jerusalem, Jesus the Lamb, River of life, saints and archangels, Sing with creation to God the I AM. Jesus is risen and we shall arise: Give God the glory! Alleluia! (Alleluia! Jesus Is Risen, LSB 474:5)