Happiness and Inspiration in life - Helpingisforever
Yeah, you need to find yourself, your passion, your love. I ask, Who are you? What's your purpose in this life? Do you possess it or not? What's that one thing that remains to you awake all the night? What if I arouse you up in the middle of the sleep and interrogate you about these questions or about your business, job, work, etc? Will you be able to tell me in details? If you can then no problem but If you can't then there is a problem. A problem that needs to your attention. happiness is around the first thing to achieve. And it comes when you follow your passion. What if you're earning thousands of dollars doing a job you don't love - then it's all waste? You remain a sibling of a computer. There is no sense in working like a machine. But If you're following your passion, and even if you're receiving less money but you'll be living. And you know what, You can earn the double or triple amount of money while following your passion. Your earnings will grow. Have patience, and they will permit everything. Maintain this attitude with you all the time.