Chocolate Melted Chip Cookies | Hello Brownlow
Chocolate Melted Chip Cookies Everyone loves a good, American chocolate chip cookie. Chewy, sweet, and a little salty. It’s delicious. But what if this chips were gooey and spread throughout the cookie? Even better. These cookies are vegan – egg free and dairy free. And as an added bonus, you only use one pot and one cookie sheet. Score for less cleaning! My family LOVES chocolate chip cookies. The love comes from my grandmother whose chocolate chip cookies we call “Grandma Cookies”. We fight over those when they appear at holiday gatherings and birthdays. They are SO good but SO not vegan. I’m always on the hunt for a good cookie. Ever since we’ve been vegan, it’s been hard to find or come up with a recipe I can make again and again. This is definitely “the one”! Every bite you can taste the chocolate and don’t have to pick through the batch to find the one with the most chips. If you eat none of the dough (a tough feat), this yields 2 dozen cookies. I use an ice cream scooper to get the same amount every time. In baking for 12 minutes they get a crunchy layer on the outside but are still super soft on the inside. Baked for 10 minutes you achieve a soft all over bake. Either is delicious 😊 Enjoy!