Brad Feld’s Village: Colorado Entrepreneur’s Take on Coping with Depression
Living with Depression: Born in Arkansas and raised in Dallas, Feld's first real depression unfolded in his 20s. In 1990, he was kicked out of a Ph.D. program at MIT, too busy working on his first company, Feld Technologies, to study. The same year, he and his first wife divorced. A couple years after the split, came his OCD diagnosis. His doctor recommended therapy and medication, but Feld resisted, feeling ashamed of needing either. Feld met Amy Batchelor in Boston while she attended nearby Wellesley College, and married in Alaska in June 1993. Feld for years has spoken effusively on the positive influence of his wife and a tight inner circle of friends that includes his brother, Daniel, who lives near the couple. "I'm a huge supporter of his honesty," Batchelor says of her husband's openness surrounding his struggle.