Setting up dnsmasq on MacOS with Homebrew | Mahdi Hazaveh
So earlier I posted about my decision to Dockerize my entire development environment. In that post I mentioned that you can either manually edit your /etc/hosts file or install a dns server to point domains to your local web server. Disclaimer: this nothing to do with Docker, this steps are can be used even if you are running your own instance of web server directly on your machine. dnsmasq is a simple DNS server that does a lot but it is not as complicated and full featured as stuff like BIND. In this article I will be using dnsmasq to spoof all the DNS requests to ".test" domain to my own local machine. Having my web server running (nginx) and listening for domains set on the virtualhost configurations I will then be able to serve my apps locally. I'll be using homebrew on my machine, lets get it installed on our machine: [crayon-5d12b293e2356707706516/] If you install dnsmasq manually the configuration file would be at /etc/dnsmasq but if you used homebrew to install