a week with Macbook Pro 2019 | Mahdi Hazaveh
Story The 13 inch Macbook Pro 2016 was the first of them with the new design & chassis that I owned. Back then when it was still new most of the reviews were around how replacing all those I/O ports with USB-C a headache for the users. as I remember, I couldn't care less about any of those issues. All I wanted was to replace a 17 inch brick pro from 2011 with something lighter with a greater battery life, so I pretty much settled on the idea of dongles before even receiving my device. Due to some changes that I am making to my job, I needed to pick up a new device. Over the past few months I was looking at available Mac options and that is when I was introduced with keyboard problems that a lot of people were facing. Reading all those stories and experiences was kind of worrying and that made me looking forward to the wwdc and hoping that apple drops a new Macbook with a complete new design that possibly fixes the keyboard. Don't blame me dreaming about it, its all