LaraDock: Dockerizing my PHP Development Environment | Mahdi Hazaveh
As a PHP Developer I've always had instances of webserver, php & database server running as first level services on my Development machines. I can claim that configuring LAMP (recently LEMP) stack was always one of the first things I'd do when I get a new machine. I've been using Docker for running other services such as Redis, Mongo, Elasticsearch, Neo4J and ... but today I am going to completely configure my development environment on top of containers on my new Mac. Thanks to LaraDock this process should be much easier and smooth. For those of you who don't know about LaraDock, it's a set of containers with configurations templates that can come handy to any PHP developers. Although the project is targeting Laravel developers, but any PHP developer can benefit from these tools. Why the change? Running a traditional LAMP/LEMP stack setup has no issues, but occasionally there are some glitches time to time that I'm hoping to avoid by fully going Dockerized. I