I no longer maintain a PDF resume. | Mahdi Hazaveh
Working in IT means you are most likely to be exposed to new technologies, languages & frameworks. that can get annoying when you are about to submit your resume/cv to a new potential client/employer. Every single time when I had to send the resume to them I'd found myself that the copy file was lacking some of the skills that I'd learned recently. That would lead into me looking around for the latest copy of my resume in cloud or somewhere, edit the file and export it as pdf. The problem with that is that most of the times I'd just be lazy & once I sent the updated version I would simply leave it on my desktop or temporary workspace, This would create the problem of me having multiple versions of the same resume in different folders and yeah the headache begins. So I decided to give this a change, I decided to dump all those doc, pdf files & go web. I made myself a tiny web page that reads my skills & information off a sqlite file, I can also edit and update