a more Production friendly ELK stack with Docker | Mahdi Hazaveh
recently I spend a big chunk of my time in office doing DevOps related tasks. Elasticsearch is one of the technologies that we use a lot for both production and development. ever since I had to deal with elasticsearch instances in the office I decided to move them to docker containers, that would make my life easier as we have multiple clusters running. there are many ELK stack docker images out there, but I found elk-docker be the closest to what I'm looking for. The image documentation is pretty good to get you started but I decided to create a docker-compose file that makes more sense for a fast more production ready box. DISCLAIMER: to put up elasticsearch on production (with or without docker) there are many other considerations that need to be done. this article simply aims to give you some ideas on how to have a easier to maintain, configurable and data persistent container in a short time. most of the articles out there simply show you how fast you can use docker to