Setting Up Kubernetes Cluster on CentOS Servers. | Mahdi Hazaveh
So I've been running some of our development components on Docker in the company but it was never significant to the level that we rely on them for Development and Production, due to some major changes in our DataCenter I had to setup some database clusters and services from scratch to migrate our old data into. So I saw this as an opportunity to convert some of our classic VMs into docker containers for a easier production and development experience. For now I have prepared 3 VMS in 3 different hosts to be used by Kubernetes, all running CentOS 7 minimal. the IP addresses of the machines are: -> Kubernetes Master -> Kubernetes Node1 -> Kubernetes Node2 Lets begin by setting up some tools on each machine. [crayon-5cbd766bee822603684903/] now lets configure our host files for a cleaner communication between the cluster. I added the following in the end of each /etc/hosts file on each server: [crayon-5cbd766bee830083311526/]