First Day with XOX | Mahdi Hazaveh
I've finally pull the trigger and moved my 9 year old maxis number to XOX. I was all blind by the definition of hybrid "postpaid/prepaid" kind of a plan they had which is named "XOX Black". Well to get a overall of the story, I have been maintaining 2 phone numbers since 7 years ago, when I got a umobile number and used it as my primary number since they had a nicer data plan to offer. So during all these years I've had to feed some monthly fees into my maxis line to keep it active and make sure someone else is not going to take over my number. But that sucked, I wasn't really able to make use of any of the credit I was buying for the maxis, as my life was getting more boring and I had to spend more time in Office and Home. I decided to find a cheaper data plan and migrate my maxis number to it, something that takes away all the stress of forgetting to top up a secondary phone on the right due date and so on. thats when I found XOX, a newly born mobile Operator in Malaysia running over