Enable your iCloud Backup right now cause the iTunes Backup Suck! | Mahdi Hazaveh
I tweeted a short video few days ago expressing my anger towards apple update which made the touch screen not responsive in the welcome or "hello" screen. So here is the complete story. I've always hated how apple thinks, although for the past 2 years I've been using apple devices daily specially Macbook Pro as my daily driver but it never took away a bit of my disagreement with the way they control how customers use their device. Last Thursday my boss seeked my help to assist him to migrate his everything from his old iPhone 6s to his newly purchased iPhone X. Well this shouldn't have been an issue at all because I've done that many times without issue but ever-since iOS 11 there were many weird instability bugs doing all these. The older iPhone was running iOS 10, typically I used to be able to make a full backup using iTunes and restore it while setting up the new device. This has been always working out for me but this time I was out of luck. Assuming things would be like past, I