Fix Cordova issue with Gradle Wrapper missing From Android SDK in MAC. | Mahdi Hazaveh
Out of the sudden I was not able to build and run my cordova projects on my android phone by getting "Error: Could not find gradle wrapper within Android SDK. Might need to update your Android SDK." . It was not a normal SDK issue. after looking around it turned out that Google has changed the location of gardle wrapper in their sdk which was causing cordova not being able to find it. thus trying to run / build the apk was giving out the below output: [crayon-5c6d592140aa6617937470/] Blame is on Google but it seems Apache has fixed this issue in the next version of android-platform for cordova. so if you are one of the victims of errors above you can do this to solve your problem. [crayon-5c6d592140aaf802971421/] lets hope this helps some people out there, stuck searching over a solution like me.