Should you kill background tasks in Android? | Mahdi Hazaveh
This debate has been there for a while now. When first Android came up lots of apps started to gain people attention by promoting themselves as a task killer and speed booster. I have used them too, there is no blame on them. Android is not doing a good job in restricting applications on system resources. That's why we are having Android phones with huge hardware specifications that are even more powerful than many of our first computer, but in real world these devices start to lag after installing few apps. This is happening while Apple iPhone products which have much lesser amount of RAM and CPU run smoothly because Apple was strict about resource consumption by developers. Although now days Android marshmallow is offering features like doze to reduce the battery usage of devices while they are sleeping, it's still lacking on a proper background task manager. If you have heard of greenify you should know that it is one of the most popular task killers among Android users at the