How to make remote desktop RDP connection more responsive. | Mahdi Hazaveh
Working with a slow remote desktop sucks! I cannot take that delay between my click and the action in my remote desktop connections. If you search on the internet for ways to make your remote desktop connection faster, you will find tones of articles about how to reduce the quality of the remote desktop colors and stuff like that. but sometimes that just doesn't work. in my case both me and my remote computer are connected to high speed internet, but the responsiveness is still sluggish. the cause of it is the ping. basically the distance. usually I encounter this problem when I'm working with servers in other countries which are too far from my place. Till now the only solution I found to help with the laggy-ness of remote desktop was to play with bitmapCacheSize property of RDP. which you cannot set it via remote desktop client GUI. but there is a Fix for that. The first thing you want to do is to make sure persistent bitmap caching is enabled in your remote desktop client. This