What is an Expert System? Advantages and Disadvantages of it. | Mahdi Hazaveh
Well the exam I have to sit tomorrow made me to post this, as I gathered these information after studying alot of slides and website, I thought it would be nice to publish a clean summary of information here, these may help you in your studying if by any chance you have to pass such module in future. What is an Expert System? An Expert System is a computer program coded to simulate knowledge and behavior of an individual or an organization which is expert in some particular field, usually all expert systems contain a knowledge base which is accessible by a set of rules depending on specific situations. Among the number of expert systems the best examples of they can be named as Chess Game or the medical diagnosis expert systems. What are the advantages of them? The knowledge base can be updated and extended They can contain a large amount of information But the disadvantages are: They are not able to learn from the mistakes They cannot creatively come with new solutions for the