How to install Xfce on CentOS | Mahdi Hazaveh
Here we go. I need to install some sort of desktop environment on my server in order to be able to use it for something later on! So I'm about to install Graphical Interface. As this latest version of Gnome is kind of sucky for a server I'm not going to go with Gnome, so I've choose XFCE which is a light weight desktop manager for Linux. By the way you need to know I'm using Cent OS 6. Well I'm connected to my machine through Putty using SSH. before anything I like to make sure my packages and everything is update so I'm goanna do a "yum update". [crayon-5c6d513e54f71507737841/] Ok as the following image shows everything went good and my system is upgraded. Now it's time to install Xfce through group install. [crayon-5c6d513e54f90980353547/] Well as the image below shows, we are all good! well the xfce is installed now! but I'm going to run following command to make sure the tools and fonts which are required for X desktop are installed.