Kauai Photo Challenge - Week 17 – Hawaii Ocean Photography
Aloha and Merry Christmas! Outrigger paddling is the official state team sport of Hawaii, and provides for some of the most interesting sport photography. Pictures can be taken on land (more exciting when there's a shore break), from a chase boat, by drone, or while paddling. It's pretty common to see multiple people with GoPros attached to the iakos of the boats taking video while surfing one-man or six-man. If you don't paddle, you can see the sport from every perspective, along with the occasional dolphin, whale or turtle if the photographer is not preoccupied by paddling. The first outrigger canoes were used for voyaging to new lands and were filled with dozens of people, plants, animals and water. The following is taken from the Hawaiian Paddle Sports website because it is a great history and I could not possibly write it any better: