Natural DIY Beauty Tips & Tricks | Handy Crafts
This post is for ladies and man who adores dealing with them. If you have a strong aversion to using chemicals, in your home these DIY natural cosmetics formulas are for you. Check out these amazing DIY beauty tips for ladies that will save you huge amount of time and effort because they really work. Best Hair Growth Masks DIY Hair Mask: 2 TSP Olive oil 1 Large egg 2 TSP Coconut Oil 1 TSP Honey DIY Hot Oil Treatment: Olive oil Coconut oil Honey DIY Shea Butter: Hair Growth Serum: 2 oz Jojoba Oil 10 drops Lavender Oil 2 drops Basil Oil 5 drops Rosemary Oil 5 drops Tea Tree Oil Summer Hair Care: This + That 6 DIY Beauty tips for your Skin & Hair that work! DIY Cleansing Facial: Lemon Juice + vinegar = DIY Nail polish Remover Filtered water + Olive Oil = DIY Makeup Remover Honey + Baking Soda = DIY Blackhead Remover 7 ways to prevent Acne: Toner: Cleanser: For Healthy Skin you need: Homemade Coffee Sugar Scrub: DIY Lemon & Honey Face Mask: This DIY is loaded with