Speaking out against the servile state | Halliday Sutherland
When Dr Halliday Sutherland spoke out against eugenics, his views were contrary to those of the most influential people in Britain: George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, John Maynard Keynes, Lloyd George, Karl Pearson, Sir James Barr and Marie Stopes. Sutherland wasn't part of that set. His views would have been ignored but for a writ for libel. It wasn't so much the writ, so much as who it was from: accomplished scientist, author of the best-seller, Married Love, and part-founder of Britain's first birth control clinic: Dr. Marie Carmichael Stopes. Soon after his legal battle began, Sutherland ran out of money and faced the prospect of defending himself in Court...against one of the best K.C.s in the country: Sir Leslie Scott. When you consider that Sutherland had recently married and was raising a young family, you wonder why he did it. The answer is in this infographic.