Most adorable Nails for October 2019 - About
Women don’t look for reasons to look at themselves and to dress up, they don’t need excuses. Because everything can be an excuse for them. When a woman is happy, citing her happiness; makes make-up, makes shopping, goes to the hairdresser, makes hair and nail care. The same woman can do all this at an unhappy moment. We have entered a new era of excuse for our beautiful women who don’t look for excuses and pretend everything: October! 🙂 Years, seasons, even days of the week can be criteria for women; how many months? That’s the month of October. And let’s take a look at the Nails designs, the favorite of October. Here are 5 nails for October that you might like and I like: After looking at the 5 adorable nails design below, click here to browse october nail colors photos or continue scrolling. 1- There’s more clarity in this one In the nail design you will see in this example, we see an attractive design with clear, beautiful and allure. In spite of the harmony of colors and the many mixed patterns in the design you will see in the photo, we can see that the work does not disturb the eyes. 2- Spooky SZN “Spider” nails, which we can call a new idea for women who do not use in daily life but want to work in design. It becomes even more meaningful when different designs are produced for 10 fingers and therefore 10 nails. For example, a simple color or ordinary …