All you need to know about new Rs.500/- note | GST Tax India, Goods and Services Tax
In the rise of demonetization of old Rs.500/- and Rs.1000/- notes, it is very important for you to understand the security features of new currency notes of Rs.500/- and Rs.2000/-. It will take some time for the FICN (Fake Indian Currency Notes) to surface again in the new design. If we believe the government, the new notes have added security features and state-of-the-art design which are not easy to replicate. Still, it is better to remain on the safer side and know everything about new notes. In this article, we will discuss the features of new Rs.500/- note. Size, design, and color First of all, let's talk about the size. The dimensions of the new note are 66mm x 150mm. The notes come in stone gray color and have a very dominating image of Red Fort on the back side. The new Rs.500/- notes in the Mahatma Gandhi series are completely different from old notes and are very easy to differentiate from old notes. Features of Rs.500/- note Obverse On the left bottom side of the note,