Sir Godfrey Gregg No matter where life takes you I am urging you not to give up. The journey may be long and the road rough, your aim to reach your goal should not end there. Press on and do not look back until you reached the peak of your success. There are no boundaries on your way up but remember those who helped you to reach your full potential, peradventure you find yourself on the downward path you may not hang your head in shame. Climbing the ladder towards success takes every muscle and fibre of your body. Strong determination and willpower of the mind and spirit to get the body in motion. You do not see failure as a hindrance but as a stepping stone. If ever you fail, it is not for you to STOP, but to press harder towards your goal. It is very easy to give up but I am encouraging you to keep pressing because your reward is awaiting you at the other end. Keep pushing my friend, family and inner circle. No matter what life throws at you I admonish you to keep pushing. There is