I was glad to hear on the plans to rebuild, re-surfaced and upgrade others, more in the rural communities. The Prime Minister announced today that some $90 million dollars will be spent on roads mainly in the countryside and constituencies of the ruling party. I am still listening to hear a single island in the Grenadines mentioned. I was glad to hear the announcement on road improvements and hoping to hear the main road from LaPompe to the JF Mitchell Airport mentioned for refurbishment and expansion. That was not the case and I am wondering why Bequia was neglected? I have an answer and I hope that the Honourable Prime Minister is reminded that Bequia is an integral part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The bias is too plain and I am wondering how the Prime Minister wants investments in Bequia and the main vein of communication is neglected to the point that a section of the road will soon be impassable. There has been no rebuttal by the Opposition and the representative of the