Out and about to your old job or a new one. Enjoy it and make the best from it today. I know you prayed that old prayer your parents taught you as a child something like this "Now I wake and see the light, God has kept me through the night." Those little things are so important to us in these last days. Sometimes all you can say is your "Our Father's prayer and off to work. I remember the opening line of the morning prayer in Primary School (Paget Farm). "Our loving heavenly Father, we come to Thee this morning." just below the clock on the wall was the school's motto "HARD WORK BRINGS SUCCESS" We have seen many successes from within those walls and it continues day by day with the hard-working teachers and dedicated parents raising their children in the fear of the Lord. Good discipline and making do with the little they have. Unlike some other places where there are much and little progress, still dependent on "handouts" for their survival. My family know how to multiply one to feed