So I got no Christmas gifts and the one I ordered for me got stuck somewhere in a Post Office. The last tracking of the package was en route to the United States Postal Services. So I have to wait until it arrives. I hope everyone reading this message got theirs under the tree or hand delivered and you liked what you got. Luckily I live every day like Christmas day so the impact on me is very minimal. I work hard and I do take care of myself doing the things I love best. I got a few new books that will keep me busy for the next few months. Hoping to gain more knowledge and see how the world spins on its axis. As you know I am a Grandpa and the impact with grandchildren cand be a great challenge, so psychologically I am gearing up for the impact. 2019 will be a serious year preparing for the general elections in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I intend to contest the elections as an independent candidate with the FORK as my symbol. So I will be putting all my ideas into policy