As we go through life daily there are many things that come to play before us and it does not matter who you are because you have some choices to make. I want to encourage us to make the right choice today and what is important to us. Simple choices are: Going up or down Heaven or hell Live or die work or be lazy Serve the Lord or the things of the world As I look at the world around me I see so many things I can talk about and to survive with them as part of my life but I am not going to write some upbeat, unrealistic article about how you should take responsibility for your life because ultimately, you create your experiences with your choices and actions. I am not going to do that because I don't believe that it is true. Children don't choose to be abused. Women don't choose to be victims of sexual assault or rape. And people are sure don't want to be born with any kind of mutation, illness, or disease. These people didn't make bad choices. We as a whole make choices for them.