Announcements by PM Dr. Ralph Gonsalves in his Independence Address 2018: 120+ graduate teachers who obtained degrees in 2013, 2014, 2015 to be appointed as Graduate Teachers from January 2019. Free Hold titles to be given to farmers who leased lands from the government. Some 120 lots land for housing contruction to be distributed at Rabacca later today Students doing the 4 year Bachelors in nursing to be assisted with 1/3 of their fees and continue to receive the 1000 per month stipend 48 scholarships for students who sat CAPE and their Associate Degrees in 2018 Governmenr to pay up to 1/2 of cost of each course to civil servants doing degree programs on line 100% duty free concession on fishing vessels Sport Against Crime initiative to be launched in 2019 Committee for the renaming of buildings, roads and parks to be established Ian Allen appointed Sports Ambassador November 12 , 2018 Duty Free Concessions on barrels begins and end on December 31, 2018