Should You Insist On Organic Wine? | Greens Restaurant
The term "organic" when applied to wines is quite confusing. Oddly, there seems to be little confusion about what constitutes organic produce at the market, for example with apples, oranges, and lettuce. The consumer expects these foods to be grown naturally and without the use of commercial pesticides and herbicides. Why are grapes (which are also considered produce) so different? The answer lies in one simple additive: sulfites. In order for wine grapes to be classified as organic by the USDA, a winemaker can not add any sulfites, and this in many situations, will result in an unstable and inconsistent end product. It is important to note, that sulfites occur naturally and are found in a variety of produce including garlic, onions, and grapes. In fact, there is no such thing as a "sulfite-free wine" because of these naturally occurring compounds. It is also significant that we are talking about parts per million (ppm) with sulfites and that less than one percent of the population is