Three Wine Picks From The Greens List (for Every Budget) | Greens Restaurant
--with Mark Cartland, Wine Director, Greens Restaurant I am often asked to select two or three different wines from different price categories so a guest has an opportunity to choose a wine that fits both their palate and budget. Because I only select wines for Greens' list that I believe are a perfect fit for our cuisine, guest preferences, and company principles, choosing three is always a tall order, but choose I must! Under $40 Kruger-Rumpf 'Estate Dry Riesling' 2014, Nahe, Germany $36 - Before you rule out all Rieslings as "too sweet", you should know that Germany now produces more dry Rieslings than sweet ones! And when I say dry, I mean really DRY. In fact, this delicious and affordable gem on our list tastes more like an exotic Sauvignon Blanc than its sweeter cousins. And because it has Riesling in its DNA, it is tremendously friendly with a wide range of spices, sauces, and flavor profiles. Under $60 Do Ferreiro Albariño 2014 Rias Baixas, Spain $54 - This is a