Ford Uses Kenaf Plant Inside Doors in the All-New Escape, Saving Weight and Energy - Electric Car Expert Guru Green Living Guy
Drivers of the all-new Ford Escape may be surprised to find out there is a plant inside the door. Ford Motor Company announced it has started using oil from a tropical plant called Kenaf, to replace some of the petroleum-based oil that used to appear in door bolsters. Specifically, Ford will be incorporating Kenaf into the door bolsters of the all-new Escape, saving weight and energy. Kenaf Plant Makes the All-New Escape Greener: Kenaf plant makes the all-new Escape greener and a trip to the pump cheaper. (01/26/2012) A little more on Kenaf… Kenaf is a tropical plant that looks similar to bamboo and is related to cotton. It is also used in eco-friendly cosmetics and the fiber is an alternative to wood for paper and cardboard.