SDG&E joins with San Diego, California School To Go Green Living and Solar Power - Green Living Guy
San Diego schools are joining the clean energy revolution. Another way of putting it..How do you NOT drive a car 8.4 million miles? The new High Tech Elementary and High Tech Middle Chula Vista students know. The three megawatts of clean energy is equal to: NOT driving a car 8.4 million miles, powering 2,000 homes, saving 6.4 million pounds of greenhouse gases each year, planting 98,000 trees or removing 722 cars from the road. High Tech Elementary and High Tech Middle Chula Vista have partnered with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) to launch a three megawatt clean energy project on its campus. The project, which consists of adding an SDG&E-owned solar system to the school rooftop, as well as adding renewable energy and energy efficiency to the curriculum, marks the 25th clean energy project for SDG&E’s Sustainable Communities Program. The Sustainable Communities Program focuses on solar, fuel cells and energy storage for schools, municipal facilities, large multi-family mixed use developments.