Exclusive!! James Cameron Says He Could Have Cleaned Up The Gulf in 6 Months and He Loves Green Lighting Book at Popular Mechanics 2011 - Green Living Guy
Yes, I was at the 2011 Popular Mechanics Breakthough Awards. The 2011 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards honor innovators whose work will transform the world in years to come. They are reinventing the wheel—or, rather, the cell tower and the internal combustion engine; reaching new heights in wind power and space exploration; and figuring out clever new ways to clean up and observe the environment. They’re even helping the paralyzed to regain use of their legs. They’re determined and brilliant—and we can’t wait to see what they’ll do next. James Cameron was the main honoree but there were so many others (we’ll get into them at another time..). However, I was pleased to follow up on an interview I did with James Cameron at the 2010 Environmental Medial Association awards ceremony about the gulf oil spill. We agreed that the panhandle of Florida has environmental dead zones from the Mississippi part of the Gulf Oil Spill. James added that he was on the Gulf Coast oil spill caused by BP and his recommendations were what BP used in the first place!! Had they actually taken his suggestions earler (versus waiting for the government report) they would have cleaned up the Gulf Coast six months earlier!! Oye vay!