Switch-Flip Ceremony at Solar Facility - Site Where First Panels Pioneered - Green Living Guy
Alcatel-Lucent shows its commitment to renewable energy by "flipping the switch" on a new, 3,728-panel, six-acre solar facility at its Bell Labs Global Headquarters in Murray Hill, NJ. – the same site where, in 1954, Bell Labs researchers invented the first device to successfully convert useful amounts of sunlight into electricity. On June 7, 2011, Robert Mennella, COO, ConEdison Development; New Providence Council President Michael Gennaro; John Conley, Project Development Director, SunPower Corporation; and Stephen Reynolds, General Counsel, Alcatel-Lucent took part in a ceremony to formally launch the 1.2 megawatt installation, which will provide about 10 percent of the campus' electricity when the solar array is operating at peak capacity. ConEdison Development of Valhalla, NY, is developer, owner and operator of the facility, and San Jose, CA-based SunPower Corp. was designer and builder.