IT power-saving initiative could save Penn State $800,000 annually - Green Living Guy
University Park, Pa. — As electricity costs continue to skyrocket, executives around the country are searching for ways to reduce energy consumption and increase sustainability. At Penn State, a University-wide team has invested in software called BigFix to enable more efficient power management of computers. The software is part of an overarching systems management initiative that could reduce Penn State's power bill by about $800,000 annually. While an institution's most substantial consumption of power usually is the heating and cooling of buildings, energy consumed by office equipment can contribute significantly to an organization's carbon footprint. According to a recent report by Global Automation System Management, out of 104 million office PCs in the United States, at least 31.2 million are left on all night. A typical 10,000-computer enterprise could save more than $165,000 per year by powering-down all of their machines every evening. Nationwide, there is the potential to save $1.72 billion and nearly 15 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually in the U.S.