Do You Believe There Was A Story in Planet Green About Me at the Sundance Film Festival with A Lot To Say - Green Living Guy
A really nice friend from Planet Green named Sara Novak interviewed me a while ago when A Lot To Say, inc and I went over to the Sundance Film Fesitval. I really have to thank A Lot To Say for that experience. Besides hanging out with the Planet Green folk (as you'll see), I also got to meet and interview some amazing people out there. I have a film I am going to be releasing soon of the whole experience. Stay tuned and in the meantime check out the excerpt from the story at Planet Green. More and more festivals across the country have taken steps toward putting on a more responsible show. And some festivals have made huge strides like Bonnaroo and Wanderlust, which have greatly reduced waste through recycling and composting as well as using solar power and biodiesel to run generators. And this year the trendiest celeb fest of them all, the Sundance Film Festival, took baby steps toward green.