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What is One-Earth? was started in Fort Greene, New York in 2006 by Steven S. Matt, a graduate of Pratt Institute. The goal of is to Index the world's environmental solutions. It works like Wikipedia and it's free. Other organizations encourage people to do things like conserve energy and water or compost food scraps. That type of generalized advice isn't very helpful because people need to know specifically how and where to do these things. organizes solutions by city and category so anyone can learn exactly how to conserve energy and water in their city, where the local compost drop off locations are, where to shop for local food, and much more. The most important feature of is the ability for users to add and edit content (like The idea is simple: informed locals know their city better than anyone, so it should be up to them to supply information about their city. The choice is yours: you can be an observer, a participant... or both.