More Artists Are Writing Songs in the Key of AI | GREENGROUND IT
Music written by teams, David Byrne once wrote, is arguably more accessible than that written by a sole composer. Collaborations, he mused, may result in more "universal" sentiments. But what if your partner isn't human at all, but artificial intelligence? Now music producers are enlisting AI to crank out hits. Style Counsel Created by Sony's Computer Science Laboratories, Flow Machines analyzes tracks from around the world, then suggests scores that artists—including electropop musician ALB and jazz vocalist Camille Bertault—interpret into songs. For its debut album, Hello World, the AI also surveyed syllables and words from existing music to create original (albeit gibberish) vocals.Recommended track: The Beatles-­inspired "Daddy's Car" Mood Music Jukedeck was originally developed to compose background tracks for user-­generated videos; now it's being adopted by K-pop stars like Kim Bo-hyung and Highteen. Using deep neural networks, the AI predicts note sequences to compose brand new