10 Stylish Cocktails That Are (Almost) as Good as Vacation - Grave and Vanity
There’s just something so refreshing about a chic, well garnished cocktail. After my trip to Tulum I have developed a newfound love for mixology and felt inspired to add a ton of deco barware to my wedding registry (post soon to follow). A beautiful drink is the trick to pulling off the perfect get-together this summer and your Martha Stewart presentation will impress the hell out of your guests. I rounded up some of my favorite recipes that I archived for my next gathering so I can ditch the old boring bottle of wine. COCONUT ROSEWATER BLACKBERRY SMASH Featured photo via the good drink LAVENDER LEMONADE COCKTAIL Featured photo via my millennial kitchen ROSE AND GINGER PALOMA Featured photo via half baked harvest CARROT WHITE RUSSIAN Featured photo via craft and cocktails LAVENDER WHITE WINE SANGRIA Featured photo via how sweet eats PEAR ROSEMARY SPRITZ Featured photo via the merry thought HONEY THYME MARGARITA Featured photo via the little epicurean GRAPEFRUIT, GINGER AND ROSEMARY GIN AND TONIC Featured photo via hedonistit GINGER CANTELOUPE SANGRIA Featured photo via kitchen confidante WATERMELON BASIL WHITE WINE SPRITZER Featured photo via a beautiful mess