Frosé Poptails - Grave and Vanity
These Frosé Poptails are the perfect boozy treat this summer and are made with 3 easy ingredients. I got inspired by NYC’s rooftop bar Loopy Doopy and decided to make my own spin off of an adult ice pop. These are such a cute happy hour idea if you plan on having some friends over. I filled up some glasses of rosé and put a poptail in it to keep it cool. I got this ice pop mold from Amazon. You can purchase it here For the optional ombré look, I mixed together 1/2 cup of raspberry lemonade + 1/2 cup of rosé and poured the mixture into the mold. To get the reverse ombré, just pour in the regular lemonade + rosé mixture first. Let it freeze for about 90 minutes where it’s somewhat solid, and then pour in the other half of the mixture. Enjoy! xx