God has called me to share and help build up the Body Of Christ by sharing testimonies and revelations imparted to me by him. I have written three main books (at this time) Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow and Grace to Soar. UPDATE July 2018 now Published; "Dysfunctional People." These books are some highlights of my journey and treasures God put in my heart during some very difficult times. If I could sum up my life in two sentences it would be "No excuse to not overcome" And "No matter what has happened, God is with you! The theme of my life and heart is this- YOUR relationship with God is everything, and should be maintained at any price." It's your pearl. My heart is to see God rescue your soul, from whatever keeps you from being close to him. If it's relationships that are bad (so bad you cannot function) he wants to deliver you. He truly did come to make the captives free. I can be reached at