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We’re sorry but you missed this offer. It is no longer free or a deal. Author(s): Daniel Mullata Publisher: N/A Price: $3.99 The coming of this book, Christianity Answers Islam, is a fulfillment of a Biblical prophecy by the prophet Isaiah herein revealed. What started as an ordinary challenge by Muslim friends to a Catholic workmate in the military to convert to Islam turns into a great search for the true religion between Islam and Christianity that later leads to investigation of all the major religions of the world for their truthfulness. The search for the true religion through the Quran leads Mullata Daniel back into Christianity with a new vigour, after reading the Quran three times over, discovering the merits of Christianity through the Quran of Islam. Today, he confidently says “The Quran made me Christian” as he narrates his story. Though majoring on the two major religions which are Christianity and Islam, Christianity Answers Islam is eventually about all religions. It provides the best opportunity for Christians to understand Islam and Muslims to understand Christianity and for those seeking to know which religion is true and are confused between the diverse opinions of the many religions to find clear answers. Probably the first book ever written to prove all religions for their truthfulness or the lack of it. It is here to answer many pertinent questions about religions; – questions here-to-fore dreaded and avoided by humanity and accepted as questions without answers. Can humans ever agree on the right religion? Is there a way to know what is true and what is not true in religions besides everyone defending his own? Are all human beings created by the same God after all and will they all face a common situation after death? Judging from the diversity of their... Read More
Bryan Villarosa